Caresphere Academy Asia Pacific

You will find a wide range of interesting scientific topics here, as well as tools to make your everyday life in the laboratory as easy and efficient as possible.
Of course, we realise any e-learning platform has to be easy to use. And so, despite the large amount of information, we have made it easy to personalise as you see fit and organised it according to specialty.
As it’s online, you can access it whenever and wherever you want. To get the most of our e-learning platform and access training content adapted to your needs, we recommend signing up to your local site via the login below.

That’s the Caresphere Academy Asia Pacific. Enjoy your new knowledge.

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  • Web-based training and video tutorials
  • Get certified before your onsite trainings
  • Automatic notifications for re-certifications
  • Live webinars and recordings of past sessions


The Lab Manager role allows you to monitor training activities within Caresphere Academy Asia Pacific within your lab under one dashboard.

  • Save time and energy when organising training for your staff.
  • Ensure your lab gets the latest operational skills
  • Get notified when re-certification is necessary
QR Code for Sysmex Scientific Webinar Series
QR Code for Sysmex Scientific Webinar Series