CSR Activity

In May 2013, Sysmex Vietnam’s employees donated money into a piggy bank. The money collected was used to buy daily staples for people with financial needs. The journey started with Mr Frank Buescher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sysmex Asia Pacific “breaking” the piggy bank…..

On May 10, 2013 all Sysmex Vietnam employees’ started the journey to Vinh Nguyen ward in Nha Trang city. Vinh Nguyen ward is the place where there are many poor households. Sysmex employees distributed a gift and cash token to those ill and with no financial ability to seek treatment, elderly and others with difficult circumstances in Vinh Nguyen ward. The summer afternoon’s heat in the beach city Nha Trang did not lessen the enthusiasm of Sysmex’s employees and the Red Cross of Vinh Nguyen ward from supporting the activity.

This activity also received much support from the Vinh Nguyen committee. Sysmex Vietnam will continue to support such activity every year because of its meaningful values brought to the society.